Our Team

Carla Snow

Registered Manager

Carla has over 28 years experience working in the caring sector.

Carla has Managed Nu Staff for over 18 years,  she is also a Director of the company.

Carla can be contacted on 01202 292870 or her direct e-mail is carla@nu-staff.co.uk.


Peter Still



Peter is the owner and Registered Provider for the company. Peter can be contacted at, Nu Staff Image Plan Limited

Office 3

203-205 Charminster Road




Company Number: 7864475

Debbie Bush



Debbie has worked for the company for over fifteen years. 

Debbie works alongside the Registered Manager ensuring compliance in the delivery of high standards of care.

Debbie can be contacted on 01202 292870 or her direct e-mail is debbie@nu-staff.co.uk.

Our Team

Sarah Bush

Compliance Officer and Co-Ordinator

Sarah is responsible for planning and scheduling weekly support visits. She also works alongside the Registered Manager to ensure Compliance.

Sarah can be contacted on 01202 292870 or her direct e-mail is sarah@nu-staff.co.uk.

Samantha Hashtroudi

Senior Supervisor

Samantha provides practical training to new members of the team alongside this she also monitors performance and is always on hand to give members of the team support when it is needed.

Samantha can be contacted on 01202 292870.

Liz Smith

Supervisor and Weekend Co-Ordinator

Liz is a Supervisor and mentors new members of the team and is always on hand to support and guide staff.  She also works every other weekend as the On Call Coordinator. 

Liz can be contacted on 01202 292870.

Here are just some of our dedicated Support Workers

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

Following a vigorous recruitment and induction programme our Support Workers are selected to meet the individual requirements of each Service Users needs.

We take great care in recruiting, training and supervising our staff. We undertake regular assessments, and encourage staff to develop new skills and attend as many training courses as possible.


A high percentage of our support staff are already trained to an NVQ / Diploma Level or are working towards obtaining the qualification through Nu Staff.


Get to know our staff better, by looking through our Employee of the Month page, please click on the link below.

Our belief is that your rights are paramount, you will be able to make your own choices and decisions, always have your needs met by experienced and well-trained care staff and be treated with dignity and respect.


Find out more about how our trusted carers can work with you to provide the care and support you want in your own home. We are always here to help. After all,

"I would like to say a big Thank You to all the staff for their help caring for my father, without this help I would not have been able to keep my own job going"


"Your support and understanding has been greatly appreciated"


"Your whole approach and friendliness made my situation far easier to deal with"


"A Good carer is like an Angel"


"It is very difficult to accept strangers into the house several times a day, so kind empathic carers become like friends, which makes a huge difference in being able to relate to me and my family"


"We could not manage without the carers, and are so grateful for all their help"


"The girls are always friendly and respect me as an individual"


John's Feedback:

John has had support from Nu Staff for a number of years. He suffered a stroke which resulted in a left sided weakness. Initially we were visiting four times a day and he was hoisted with two carers.


Twelve years on, John is now more independent and the number of visits a day were reduced down to only one member of staff supporting him, he is now able to mobilise around his home and outside with the use of mobility aids.


John regularly pops into the office for a coffee when out shopping. He wanted to say this about the support Nu Staff have given him over the years:


"Nu Staff have helped me to regain more independence and have cared for me throughout my illness. I am very happy with the care, support  and members of staff who have visited me, all the staff are wonderful".

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