Elizabeth Smith     June 2018

Liz has a wealth of experience working within the care industry, she joined Nu Staff back in May 2015 on a Part Time basis, within a few months she decided to extend her contract to Full Time.


Liz is a Senior member of the team and also a designated Keyworker. Liz has mentored new members of the team and is always on hand to support and guide  staff when she is working every other weekend as the On Call Coordinator. She has excelled in this role ensuring service users and staff are support outside normal office hours, she is always proactive at the weekends and is always calm and efficient in sorting out issues that arise.


Liz works tirelessly to ensure that the standard of care and support we provide is high, she is a role model to others in the company.


We have received a number of nominations for Liz from both service users and members of staff for the employee of the month award.


A member of the team that Liz has mentored commented, “what a great carer Liz was, and she could not have been trained and mentored any better, it has really helped her and given her the knowledge needed to do the job well”.


A service user commented, “how wonderful Liz was, and that they really looked forward to her coming into see them and was confident with her and the support she provides. Excellent carer”.


Liz has picked a £50.00 Amazon voucher which we are pleased to be giving her in recognition of her dedication and hard work.


We want to thank Liz for her continued  commitment to Nu Staff and also to congratulate her on being awarded  Employee of the Month for June 2018!

Samantha            Hashtroudi           May 2018

Samantha joined Nu Staff in October 2007. She has worked for the company many years and throughout this time she has proved to be exceptional in the support she provides to our Service Users. Sam has achieved her NVQ Level 2 in Care and her Diploma Level 3 during her employment.


We have awarded Samantha employee of the month in recognition of the many years she has dedicated to Nu Staff and its Service Users.


Samantha provides practical training to new members of the team; her input is fundamental to the success of the company. Staff who are new to the industry are mentored by Samantha and given the support and practical knowledge to carry out their roles with confidence and pride. Alongside this she also monitors performance and is always on hand to give members of the team support when it is needed.


Samantha has passed onto others the importance of being proud to care and she ensures that our standard of care and support is delivered in line with each of the Service Users Rights and Nu Staff’s Aims and Objectives with regards to the care and support we deliver daily.


Samantha has picked a £50.00 Debenhams voucher which we are pleased to be giving her in recognition of her dedication and hard work.


We want to thank Samantha for her continued commitment to Nu Staff and to congratulate her on being awarded Employee of the Month for May 2018!

Tara Bennett         April 2018

Tara returned to Nu Staff on a part time basis back in April 2013 this was after a short spell working for another company.


Recently over the past few months she has been able to increase the number of hours she is working each week. Tara has a real passion for care and support and always gives 100% when she is working. She is one of our senior carers and a keyworker for certain individuals she supports. Tara has also trained new members of the team who have been new to care. Her standards are very high, and this has been passed onto others through her mentoring skills.


Feedback we have received from the individuals Tara supports is always very positive, this is also the case from family members and friends.


One of our Service Users has nominated Tara for this award three months consecutively stating, “that she is always professional, kind and caring. A really good carer!”.


In April Tara assisted Nu Staff with starting a new run in the Poole area, she has worked tirelessly with the service users to ensure that everything is in place to meet their support requirements, already we have received positive feedback from those she has been supporting and the supervisor.


Tara has a busy home life with her family commitments, last year she still found the time to complete her Diploma Level 3 in May.


Tara has picked a £50.00 Primark voucher which we are pleased to be giving her in recognition of her dedication and hard work.


We want to thank Tara for her continued commitment to Nu Staff and to congratulate her on being awarded Employee of the Month for April 2018!

Debbie Bush         March 2018

Debbie joined Nu Staff in 2006, she started as a Senior Support worker.  She then moved into the office and began co-ordinating. In 2015 she was promoted to Deputy Manager in recognition of the support she has provided to the Registered Manager and Nu Staff over many years.


This February Debbie completed her ILM Level 3 Diploma in Management. Over the last year Debbie has grown in confidence she now has the responsibility of overseeing the day to day running of the business. She also recruits new members of staff to the team and mentors them. In the past 6 months she has supported the compliance officer in settling into her new role and has enabled the company to grow in hours.


Debbie worked tirelessly throughout the early part of March when Bournemouth was hit by the “Beast from the East”, ensuring Nu Staff continued to provide care and support, actioning contingency plans to enable service users to stay safe alongside the support workers.


Debbie has received many compliments from partners we work with within the sector with regards to her professionalism and diligence.


Debbie has high standards with regards to the level of support we should be providing and is always on hand to support members of the team to ensure we are delivering quality care and support, as it should be.


Debbie has picked a £50.00 Matalan voucher which we are pleased to be giving her in recognition of her dedication and hard work.


Congratulations Debbie on being awarded Employee of the Month for March 2018!

Evita Sverna        February 2018

Evita originates from Latvia, in her home country she worked for the police as a record keeper. Since moving to Bournemouth she has worked in the hospitality and horticultor trade. 


Evita was recommended to Nu Staff by a colleague in April last year. She was initially very apprehensive about the role as her first language is not English. Evita trained extra hard to complete her care certificate and has also worked over the past months in improving her communication skills both written and verbal.


Since the launch of Employee of the month we have had numerous service users and family members comment on Evita’s determination to learn and improve and compliments regarding her high standards of care and the empathy she has shown whilst providing support. Some have also commented on her cheery personality and how her daily visits put a smile on their faces. One relative commented that “Evita is full of life and great with her daughter”.


Evita has excelled our expectations with regards to her support and we are proud of her achievements so far, in the next few months Evita will be enrolled onto a Diploma which will help her achieve a recognised qualification within the industry.


Evita has picked a £50.00 Marks and Spencer voucher which we are pleased to be giving her in recognition of her dedication and hard work.


Congratulations Evita on being awarded Employee of the Month for February 2018!

Caroline Surman   January 2018

Caroline has previously worked as a teacher, she decided to embark on a totally different career path and joined Nu Staff in April 2017. At the time this was a big decision for Caroline as most of her working life has been in this profession.


After only five months, Caroline has already been   registered onto her Diploma Level 3, which she started in December 2017. She has one year to complete her Diploma and is already working hard to achieve this.


We have awarded Caroline Employee of the Month for January 2018 following feedback we have been given from colleagues, service users she supports and their family members.


Two separate comments we have received highlighted that Caroline was exception with her care and support, communication and always respected privacy and dignity.


She also received positive feedback in a recent Supervision and Spot Check.


Caroline is always punctual, reliable and dependable. She is always willing to help with extra calls should the need arise if she is able to cover.


Caroline has picked a £50.00 Asda Voucher which we are pleased to be giving her in recognition of her dedication and hard work.


Congratulations Caroline on being awarded Employee of the Month for Jan 2018!

Mandy Channell   December 2018 

Over the last year Mandy has shown 100% commitment to the service users and the company, she has embraced her training and put the skills she has learnt into practice.


Feedback from the service users she supports is always very positive and she is very well liked. Mandy is reliable, dependable and dedicated to her job, her passion for care shines through.


Mandy has never been late for her calls and is always punctual, she has also become a Designated Keyworker for several service users she supports. Recently Mandy enrolled onto her Diploma Level 3 and over the next 12 months she will be studying hard to achieve this.


Mandy has picked a £50.00 Marks and Spencer Voucher which we are pleased to be giving her in recognition of her dedication and hard work.


Congratulations Mandy on being awarded Employee of the Month for Dec 2017!

Elaine Jones  November 2018 

Elaine has been employed with Nu Staff since March 2008, she is a Senior Home Care Worker and a Designated Keyworker.


Elaine was nominated to receive this award by two separate Service Users she provides support to. Here’s what the Service Users had to say about Elaine:


“I nominate Elaine as she is brilliant. She always meets my support requirements, I like all the girls, but Elaine is extra special”.


“I would like to nominate Elaine as she is very good at her job and I look forward to her coming to visit me”.


Throughout November Elaine also picked up extra calls to cover holiday and sickness and really helped with our On Call and Office Co-ordinators.


Congratulations Elaine on being awarded Employee of the Month for Nov 2017!

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