Caroline Surman      Diploma Level 3 in Care and Support

Caroline joined Nu Staff with no experience in care.


Througout 2018 Caroline has been working and studying hard towards achieving a recognised qualification in care. 


In December 2018 she finally completed her last unit and in February 2019 was awarded her Diploma Level 3 in Care and Support.


In a short space of time Caroline has become a Senior within the company, and is a highly valued member of the team.

Mandy Channell     Diploma Level 3 in Care and Support

Mandy joined Nu Staff back in 2016. 


Mandy had no previous experience in care and has always embraced new training opportunities.


Mandy enrolled onto her Diploma in December 2017 completing her final unit in December 2018. In February 2019 she was awarded her Diploma Level 3. She worked hard to achieve this and has also now moved into a more senior role within the company.


Mandy provides excellent support and is consistant with her care. She is valued by the company through the dedication she has shown over the past few years.

Registered Manager congratulating Hayley and Danni at the Awards Ceremony

During the month of May 2018, Danni Smith and Hayley James spent three days training to raise their awareness around Mental Health.


The training was carried out over three weeks and each of the three days covered different topics surrounding Mental Health and supporting individuals within their own homes.


Both Danni and Hayley had to complete a workbook which was handed into Glenys Turner the Specialist Training Practitioner for internal verifying.


Danni and Hayley were awarded their certificates of Achievement on the 25th July by the Mayor of Bournemouth and Poole in recognition of the excellent work care staff do each day in the community.

Danni Smith with the Mayor of Poole

Hayley James with the Mayor of Bournemouth

Congratulations to our Deputy Manager Debbie on achieving her Level 3 Diploma in Management.


Debbie has worked for Nu Staff for several years and it is great to see she is still open to new learning opportunities.


Debbie is now keen to enrol onto her Level 5 Diploma in Management.

Congratulations to Elaine Jones who has completed her Level 3 Diploma in Care.

Elaine has a wealth of experience in the caring profession and has now received a recognised qualification in care at a more senior level.





Well done to Linda Orchard who was runner up in the 2017 Proud to Care Awards after being nominated in the category of Homecarer of the Year.


Linda was nominated by one of her service user’s relatives, she was then shortlisted and invited to attend the awards ceremony which was held on the 7th November. Linda has worked for Nu Staff for 12 years and has supported hundreds of individuals living in their own homes during this time.


Here’s What the Service User’s Representative had to say about Linda:

“Linda is the Keyworker for my 89-year-old mother, who is disabled, housebound and lives alone she has been having 4 visits a day for the past 6 years. In addition to carrying out all the basic homecare essentials – washing, dressing, food medicines etc. She also tries to engage Mum in a laugh and a joke on every visit. She also keeps a close eye on Mum’s daily health in addition to the Daily Community Nurse visits to administer insulin – and will call the GP whenever necessary if she notices anything untoward, whilst keeping me (as her sole next of kin) suitably informed”.


2017 saw Bournemouth and Poole Borough Councils work together for the first time around how they commission care and support locally.


Earlier this year the contract to provide care and support at home went out to tender, it is an opportunity for providers to work with the local authorities and the CCG (NHS) to provide care and support to individuals who live in their own homes.


It was an exciting opportunity for Nu Staff as in the past we have only contracted with Bournemouth Borough Council, the contract would give us the opportunity to provide care and support over a larger area. 


In September it was announced that 17 providers had been selected to work alongside the councils and the CCG over the next five years.


We are pleased to confirm that we are one of the providers to be awarded the contract.


August 2017 saw five of our amazing support workers achieve their Diploma in Health and Social Care.


All five members of the team studied hard over the past year to achieve their Diploma and in recognition of this the Managing Director treated them all to a well deserved meal out together.



Kerry Upward, Kat Kowlaska, Samantha Hashtroudi, Vicky Brazier and Liz Smith

Our belief is that your rights are paramount, you will be able to make your own choices and decisions, always have your needs met by experienced and well-trained care staff and be treated with dignity and respect.


Find out more about how our trusted carers can work with you to provide the care and support you want in your own home. We are always here to help. After all,

"I would like to say a big Thank You to all the staff for their help caring for my father, without this help I would not have been able to keep my own job going"


"Your support and understanding has been greatly appreciated"


"Your whole approach and friendliness made my situation far easier to deal with"


"A Good carer is like an Angel"


"It is very difficult to accept strangers into the house several times a day, so kind empathic carers become like friends, which makes a huge difference in being able to relate to me and my family"


"We could not manage without the carers, and are so grateful for all their help"


"The girls are always friendly and respect me as an individual"


John's Feedback:

John has had support from Nu Staff for a number of years. He suffered a stroke which resulted in a left sided weakness. Initially we were visiting four times a day and he was hoisted with two carers.


Twelve years on, John is now more independent and the number of visits a day were reduced down to only one member of staff supporting him, he is now able to mobilise around his home and outside with the use of mobility aids.


John regularly pops into the office for a coffee when out shopping. He wanted to say this about the support Nu Staff have given him over the years:


"Nu Staff have helped me to regain more independence and have cared for me throughout my illness. I am very happy with the care, support  and members of staff who have visited me, all the staff are wonderful".

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