Recruitment Process

Before any member of staff is interviewed they are asked a series of questions to ascertain whether they meet the requirements to potentially fulfil the role of a homecarer within Nu Staff's employment.


Two written references are required, one of whom should normally be the immediate past employer and are followed up by a telephone call prior to confirmation of employment.  Any gaps in employment will be explored.  All referees must be professional and capable of giving you a caring reference to ascertain your caring capabilities.


All care workers agree to a police check and DBS first being carried out with the Criminal Records Bureau. The care worker will be required to provide the necessary information with this application. We do not charge you for the Police Check!


We will also expect a good level of spoken and written English.


If candidates meet the above requirements then they are either sent or given an application and health questionnaire to fill out at home and booked in for a face to face interview.  The interview would normally take around one hour in a secure and private area.

We would require the following:

  • Verification of identity (ie Passport)
  • Work permit (if required)
  • Driving License and Insurance Certificate
  • A valid National Insurance Number
  • Any relevant certificates in relation to the caring profession
  • X2 passport photographs
  • To carry out a Enhanced DBS and DBS FIRST
  • Minimum of two references as stated above
  • Completion of Induction

Commencing Employment, Appraisals & Supervisions


Should references and DBS FIRST be returned satisfactorily and induction completed carers will work with our trainer in the community to demonstrate competence before being assigned their own rota.


You will have regular supervisions and have your standards of practice appraised annually, during this annual meeting any training and development needs will be discussed this will be carried out by either your manager or a senior member of staff.  Written records will be kept on the content and outcome of each meeting.  


You will meet with either your line manager or senior member of staff formally on a one to one basis at least once every 3 months to discuss your work.  At least one of these meetings will incorporate direct observation of the care you are providing to a service user with whom you regularly work.  Written records will be kept on the content and outcome of each meeting.


As part of our ongoing training and development you will be offered from time to time training courses to attend.  Newly appointed carers who do not already hold a relevant NVQ or Diploma in care, are expected to demonstrate their competence and register for their Diploma  within the first six months of employment and complete the full award within one year.



We look forward to meeting you.  Please call us on 01202 292870 or contact us directly using our contact form.


Our belief is that your rights are paramount, you will be able to make your own choices and decisions, always have your needs met by experienced and well-trained care staff and be treated with dignity and respect.


Find out more about how our trusted carers can work with you to provide the care and support you want in your own home. We are always here to help. After all,

"I would like to say a big Thank You to all the staff for their help caring for my father, without this help I would not have been able to keep my own job going"


"Your support and understanding has been greatly appreciated"


"Your whole approach and friendliness made my situation far easier to deal with"


"A Good carer is like an Angel"


"It is very difficult to accept strangers into the house several times a day, so kind empathic carers become like friends, which makes a huge difference in being able to relate to me and my family"


"We could not manage without the carers, and are so grateful for all their help"


"The girls are always friendly and respect me as an individual"


John's Feedback:

John has had support from Nu Staff for a number of years. He suffered a stroke which resulted in a left sided weakness. Initially we were visiting four times a day and he was hoisted with two carers.


Twelve years on, John is now more independent and the number of visits a day were reduced down to only one member of staff supporting him, he is now able to mobilise around his home and outside with the use of mobility aids.


John regularly pops into the office for a coffee when out shopping. He wanted to say this about the support Nu Staff have given him over the years:


"Nu Staff have helped me to regain more independence and have cared for me throughout my illness. I am very happy with the care, support  and members of staff who have visited me, all the staff are wonderful".

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